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It seems to me surely the most beautiful, the most reverent, the most modest pose you ever saw in an Annunciation. You see she does not gaze at the angel, but sits with that almost frightened pose. She knew well it was an angel, so why should she be disturbed? What would she have done if it had been a man? Take her as an example, girls of what you should do.

As the composition was unique, Fra Pietro does not have a ready-made explanation. He does however understand the possible symbolic meanings of individual elements, and he has a habitual method of dealing with visual imagery which he proceeds to apply to this novel combination.

Anne as a symbol of the church attempting to restrain Mary from symbolically hindering the coming Passion of her son, takes for granted the combining of disparate times and places, and the subsuming of individual stories within a larger one:. The mother is in the act of rising from St. Leonhard Beck, Christ with St. Afra, Augsburg. Brandenbarg, W. Deeleman-van Tyen, L. Dresen-Coenders and L. See also p. Brandenbarg, Heilig familieleven, Nijmegen, , p. Goldberg, C.

Altgraf Salm and G. Pastor, vol. Kris-Rettenbeck and G. Tedeschi , New York, , p. Eire, War Against the Idols, Cambridge, , p. Gilbert Englewood Cliffs, , Evanston, Ill. Crum and D. Ashley and P. Sheingorn, p. Isabella and the friar proceed on the assumption that the painting, along with being a literal depiction of the three holy figures that would have functioned to arouse devotional feelings, or to serve as a model for imitation, also called for what Irwin Panofsky called an iconological interpretation — a broad underlying message that knit together the various individual themes and stories.

See I. Turba : Crucifige, crucifige!. Kay, Harmondsworth , p. You can suggest to your library or institution to subscribe to the program OpenEdition Freemium for books. Feel free to give our address: contact openedition. We will be glad to provide it with information about OpenEdition and its subscription offers.

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Table of contents. Cite Share. Cited by. Producing for the People. Text Notes Author.

Producing for the People. Late Medieval Assumptions about the Process of reading Art Works

Full text. Lane, The Altar and the Altarpiece: Sacrame Oberman, The Harvest of M The pr Zoom in Original jpeg, k. Notes 1 For examples of pipe-clay sculptures see T. Author Virginia Nixon. Read Open Access. Freemium Recommend to your library for acquisition. ISBN: DOI: Nixon, V. In Boglioni, P. Nixon, Virginia. Boglioni, Pierre, et al.. New edition [online]. Boglioni, P. Boglioni, Pierre, et al. Your e-mail has be sent. Size: small x px Medium x px Large x px.

Catalogue Author s Publishers Selections Excerpts. Follow us E-mail : edsorb univ-paris1. Languages spoken Mainly English, although with 25 different nationalities one could pick up a bit of Russian, Polish, French, Dutch What else A little more information Internet access. How many Workawayers can stay? More than two. Feedback left by and about host We loved having Cristiano here as he right away fitted into our project with his wonderful work ethic as well as his kindness and willingness to always assist others in any moment of need.

He greatly contributed to the many duties here, assisting by replacing broken lights with brand new ones good electrician , tackling the massive pile of dishes … read more in the restaurant and making it much nicer and clean for visiting guests, assisting here and there within our gardens, and various other areas of support.

Cris is also a good footballer : , and allround swell guy to be around and to have around always being grateful and kind. We look forward to hosting him again in our community. Left by Workawayer Cristiano Jasper for host. Well, this was the best place i stayed in europe by far since i started as a workawayer in !!! It was the place i stayed longer either. Thanks nila for the opportunity at the restaurant. Thanks manu for the football games.

Thanks syamananda for the temptation and for accepting me even after the right day. Thanks everyone for the smiles and … read more support. Rick, pandu, ross!!! Sorry if i forgot some names but indian names are not usual for us in brazil. All of these things made the difference!!! Sometimes just a smile is quite nice but all of you did much more than that. Summarizing, the place is highly recommended for workawayers.

Left by Workawayer Paul for host. I have read some of the other Feedbacks now and can truely agree with a lot! I think the quantity of the positive Feedbacks speaks for itself. Repeat, what has already been beautifully written, seems a bit pointless, so here short and crisp: I had a great time in Radhades! I thouht and still think a lot about my time ca. Many interesting and various people and a awesome atmosphere.

No more words. Thanks for the beautiful time : Paul. Left by Workawayer Mechiel for host. This was my second Workaway experience and once again a great one! I've stayed for a month with the community. They welcomed me very generously and tought me a lot about their culture. The castle and envirement were beauifull. And of course the people :. It was quite hard and physical work, but that was no problem. Taking care of the Holy Cows, … read more working in the woods and in the garden, making fences in the meadows, installing electricity, cleaning up the cows place, cooking, building stands for the huge festival, working long hours, but loving it in all aspects.

Thank you so much for having me! Mechiel came in the month of August During his stay he worked at our cow Sanctuary. He is a good driver. He speaks adequate French, and good english which was useful for us. He was helpful during purchasing things for Sanctuary like tools, fencing materials etc. He would compare product quality and would try to get us a better deal. He has … read more got professional knowledge of medicines thus he was keen in making few suggestion on what should be in the first aid box in our Cow Sanctuary. In the Cow Sanctuary, our volunteers must welcome visitors and give them brief introduction of cows.

Mechiel was very social, greeted people with smile and showed care towards children. Towards the end of his stay he helped in preparing for one of the big festivals celebrated in our community, Krsna Janmashtami. Festival required of him to work for 10 hours for three days in row and he gladly did so. Overall his stay and work at our Cow Sanctuary was satisfactory.

He is resourceful gentleman, would be a good help in any projects he wished to get involved. For a first time workaway experience this Hare Krishna community was a perfect place to begin for me. I stayed with these wonderful people nearly three weeks. I wish I could have been able to stay longer. I mainly worked in the Cow Sanctuary which was a eye opening experience for city born and raised kid like me. I learned how to connect with … read more animals around me in a deeper level thanks to majestic cows who reside there.

As a person who never tend to cows in his life Gaurahari guided and helped me all through my stay. He was ever helpful and teaching even when I made mistakes. If you have the chance I can not recommend enough to visit this wonder of nature and kind people who reside in the heart of it with perfect harmony. This was my first workaway experience but thanks to Hare Krishna community certainly this will not be my last. You can only contact Workawayers who have an active membership. Eliz was here for a few weeks and it was a great experience. She is happy, social, hard-working - a good fit in our community.

She took care of our cows and they seemed to love her as much as the rest of us did. We definitely hope to see her here again. Left by Workawayer Eliz for host. It's an amazing place! I loved it, I was six weeks helping in the stable and garden. The place is so beautiful, peaceful and big, there's a real castle, a guest house, a restaurant, a shop, a small museum, a big dinning room, A lot of nature around it.

You can go to the river, caves, parks and so on. I learnt many things with the cows and oxen, … read more they're pretty, we milked the cows and took care of them. In the garden we watered, planted and weeded, there are maany plants. The people are very kind and warm, the atmosphere and energy is nice. Everyday there are activities in the community, while I was there was a festival, many people come. The food is incredible! My colleagues were nice. That place is absolutely recommended. I hope to come back soon!

Left by Workawayer Joel for host. This was my first workaway experience, and long story short: it was an amazing experience! Met lots of interesting people here and also really enjoyed the work with the cows and in the garden. I will definitely visit this place again in the future. Hare Krishna! Left by Workawayer Anna Theresa for host.

I've experienced the Hare Krishnas as very welcoming, attentive and warm- hearted people! The work in the garden was highly enjoyable and due to Rick's company also very funny. I went on a Harinam and a food for life mission and learned some basic garland- making skills on the snowy days. Food and accommodation are good, working hours and tasks … read more flexible. I always felt welcome to the temple but at the same time there was no expectation or pressure to participate.

I am very thankful for music, dance and conversations and can only recommend this host for people interested in spirituality, community life and outside work. Good wishes to everyone and thank you for your open doors, ears, eyes and hearts! Left by Workawayer Osy for host. Haribol, I spent a month here in August and would recommend it to anyone. It was so much fun learning how to milk them, taking the oxen out on the cart on Sundays and caring for them in general.

The cows all have such diverse personalities and I certainly wont be … read more eating beef again. Big thank you to Gaura-Hari for teaching me all about cow care. Even if you are not religious, I would really recommend going to the Bhagavad-Gita classes in the afternoon, and try to go to as many temples sessions as possible, although I only managed the am one a few times. The whole experience changed a lot of my views on god and the divine. I was very lucky to stay here during Janmashtami, the midnight feast was definitely a highlight.

On top of that I also went to Ratha Yatha in Amsterdam. There is never a shortage of things to do and interesting people to talk to. I hope to return sometime soon. Hare Krishna. Wesley has been with us on and off for two years. He is very willing to work, but it took a bit of time before we found him a suitable place, since he does need a bit more attention than some of our other volunteers. He ended up working in our restaurant, where he has been working very steadily for quite some time now and they are very satisfied … read more with him.

Left by Workawayer vedat hakan for host. Haribo I just want to tell a story about this lovely Hare Krishna Community. My laptop got stolen in the dormitory and after One man came and gave his laptop to me. He did not even know me , maybe we speak maximum 3 mins but he is one of the big hearted man in this community. Everybody is so welcome so lovely and extremly warm people that you … read more can not find anywhere else in the world. I will never forget them. They taught me lots of things. I had lots of prejustices about them but every minute they broke it. We are not these bodies. I really want to return the castle and its magnificent atmosphere with its fantastic chants.

I was taking care of the cows. They are happy cows one of them plays soccer :. This feedback is not enough to describe you. Thank you All!!!! Left by Workawayer Martha for host. I want to say thank you for the hole community, to wellcomming me so kindly! It is really a speacial place, I stayed almost three weeks and I enjoyed it a much!

I worked in the garden with Rick. It was amasing, he has a great plan for the garden. And the work was nice, I liked it a lot, and with Rick you have a lot of fun and good talks. If I … read more wanted to take part of a special program on some days I got free. And I also had a much fun with some of the other menbers of this community. We had a lot discussions and talks, there are willed to explain and share a lot.

Also if it was somtimes hard for me to understand some oppinions of some people. But I had Banessa, another volunteer, we could complain about this together. I really can recommend this place! Everybody is helpful, kind all the time smiling, I loved my stay there.

I dont know how to explain this time!

Dear Lebanon: An Open Letter

I just can say thank you! So thank you all for hosting me. Hope to see you again one time, maby in the summer, that I can see what i planted :. Anjule was a great help, although I didn't get to work all that much with her it's obvious she can get on fantastically well with everyone from saints to sinners She was even happy to help other departments if they cheekily asked too which she didn't really need to be doing. It was a while ago that she visited and my memory isn't the best so I'm not sure what else I can add A great volunteer, thank you Anjule :o. Left by Workawayer Anjule for host.

This feedback is very delayed and I hope you all still remember me! I was so grateful to be able to learn some about caring for the cows and oxen and although I didn't get to work with Ross very much during my stay I enjoyed the times I did as he is very knowledgeable and has such … read more a great sense of humor.

Thank you willem for the peaceful and focused cow tending mornings and evenings and lovely conversation. Rik is the garden wizard and is a joy to work with, he is full of knowledge about any plant you can think of but is also challenging himself to always be learning so he is very open to input and feedback, he will also always have a funny story or wise words to share with you. If you so chose there is always opportunity to join the community in temple activities and there is an ongoing introductory class with Yadurani that is very sweet.

The food is Amazing and plentiful and the grounds themselves are gorgeous. It is easy to go on long walks around the area which is very beautiful and peaceful and hilly! Sita and Gaura in the guest house are always grateful if you can help them with any of their tasks so always nice to offer! Thank you again to everyone. Banesa was a fantastic volunteer to have working for us, a quick learner and thorough with a great work ethic she's easily one of the best we've ever hosted and we host a lot We could just leave her to get on with things correctly after showing her only once and it was like a proper work partnership you'd normaly get only after a long … read more time We had lots of interesting conversations and she's a very cool, funny and interesting person who does a lot too much!

If you need a workawayer and Banesa applies she's the one you want to host, ignore the rest :o We'd welcome Banesa any time she wanted to visit in the future but I won't hold my breath Thanks again Vanesa with a B :o. Left by Workawayer Banesa for host. I spent 10 days here. I have to recognize It wasnt easy for a moment, I think maybe I didnt realize how much atheistic I am, for a religious place. However, once I balanced my little crisis with that I enjoyed very much. The place does have something special.

Everybody there is very kind, helpfull, smily, and nice to everyone. I loved working … read more with the cows and the oxes, I leanrt a lot from them and my view to these animals has really changed. And for sure, I enjoyed a lot working with Ross, the boss of the stable ; He is a very nice, kind, interesting, smart, patient, funny He makes a huge job with these animals, and takes care of every detail for them. Thank you very much for this experience Ross!! I could also help a little in the garden!

They have also a lot to do, and Rick has a very beautifull plan for it! You will make a treasure! Send him regards from me please! Left by Workawayer Liutauras for host. I stayed here for nearly three weeks. It was a truly amazing experiance that I will remember for many years to come. I met really interesting people on my stay here that inspired me in many different ways. Ross was a great guy he showed us how to take care of the cows and shared many interesting stories.


Rick was also an amazing person that has … read more never ending energy and a great sense of humour. The food was absolutely amazing you will not find anything better anywhere ; The casttle itself and the areas surrounding it are also quite interesting to explore during your odf days. It was my first workaway and an amazing one. Thanks to everyone!! Left by Workawayer Alex for host. I loved my time at this place! Ross is an awesome dude who will teach you how to take care of the cows with lots of patience and humour. Rick the gardening guru is a kind and funny guy who is a bit crazy in a fun way Had great conversations with some of the devotees and after working in the fresh air ate insane amounts of lovely vegetarian … read more food.

Also had a super fun time with the other workawayers. I'll miss you guys! All in all: Super cool experience! Thank you all. I really enjoyed my two weeks with Ross and Willem and the cows! Ross has a great sense of humor and really makes any situation more enjoyable! All of the devotees are so kind and willing to share their knowledge of Hare Kirishna. Being there for two weeks really gives you a window into a exceptionally different and specific way of life.

Thanks … read more for a truly unique two weeks! Sam was an excellent workawayer, a little island of sanity amongst the nonsense :o She was able to do everything that was needed after only being shown once and it would have been very hard to manage without her. When some other people were working as little as possible Sam wasn't influenced by them and carried on being great even when I had to … read more leave her unsupervised a lot. Sorry I missed you leaving buddy, but ya know Poland etc.

Left by Workawayer Fer for host. I love this place, the people I met and the things I learned while staying here will stay with me for a long long time. Thank you very much, you have everything a volunteer could ask for and I hope I see you again! Wilhem and Ross, the guys in charge of us are great, I will miss you guys, really! Elisabeth turned out to be a super great volunteer and even on her days off and the very day she left she took time out to prepare the food for the cows before any of the rest of us turned up for work, super nice surprise, NOBODY does this on my day off I know I wouldn't It's super rare people will do … read more something like that.

She'll probably work more dilligently than you will Bhakti lady is Yadurani! Thanks so much Elisabeth, take care out there,you're welcome to return any time. Left by Workawayer Elisabeth for host. I want to thank the whole community for letting me stay for a month while taking care of the very sweet cows Ganga and Bhumi and the beautiful cute oxen Dharma, Jamba and Gaura , working and meditating in the garden and learning so much more about Krishna reading the Baghavada Gita and reflecting on this wisdom during Bakthi-class.

This is … read more definitely one of the most interesting volunteering experience I ever had. I loved it Really, try to control your senses with all that great vegetarian food, moving hypnotic life music I really love those drums in a wonderfully floor-heated decorated temple, flowers, colourful decoration, etcetera. It's not going to be easy, but it's going something out of the ordinary. I hope I can keep my promise to stop smoking and become a vegetarian finger crossed and if life or Krishna wants it, I hope to be there again some time in this life or an other.

Special thanks to poet-gardner Rik, cowboys William thanks for some wise advice and Ross and the lady of the Bakthi lessons whose Hare Krishnaname I never seem to remember. Sietske's a great workawayer, we actually knew her as a visitor and volunteer here many times before she became a workawayer so it's strange to be writing a review for someone who's more of an old friend than volunteer. Like Duh! Glad she's finally off exploring and not working in an office any more too. She's very … read more down to earth, a great help and very funny, hosts - you need her in your life for a time, you won't be dissapointed.

Left by Workawayer Sietske for host. Magical place with friendly people, tasty food and beautiful animals. Thank you Ross for looking after Workawayers as well as the cows and thanks for the laughs and talks: I hope to see you next time and in good health! Left by Workawayer Finn for host. I was just looking for some place to experiment with WorkAway and practice some English, and I found a loving, caring and respecting community with a great atmosphere.

It was so lovely to learn about things that you don't come in contact with in daily life like … read more milking and caring for cows, learning about yourself in a peaceful environment and enjoying the sacred meals with a great conversation. I really enjoyed the natural landscapes as well, they just breathtaking! Anybody who is open-minded and interested in learning more about yourself and life in general, this is a great opportunity! I am very grateful for all the lovely people I have met and of course the good care and conversations with Willem-Jan.

Thank you :. Ines is a great workawayer and a lovely personality to be around, she's a quick learner, helpful, works hard and is full of enthusiasm. From the first 5 minutes she was here I could show her something to do unsupervised and always find it would be done to a high standard by the time I returned. She's actually visited 3 times now on her … read more breaks from work during the last few months and we like her so much we'll always try to accommodate her in the future if we possibly can.

For sure we hope our paths cross again, thank you Ines, you're awesome, you're epic, you're cool :o. Left by Workawayer Ines for host. It was a great experience, and my first workaway as well. The first impression of the Chateau de Petite Somme is amazing, very authentic Indian statues and a good vibe around the place.

It's a small oasis in the middle of l'Ardennes. There are many devotees, but also some students, a few workawayers and many visitors on the weekends, so there … read more is normally always somebody to hang around. I was mainly working in with the cows , which was great and they all have very different personalities and needs, is quite interesting. Ross will tell you everything you need to know about these lovely animals, and he is a great storyteller, you wont be bored while milking. Even though permaculture was not my main interest Rik managed to get me really interested, he is doing great work in the garden.

And the food is honestly amazing, I loved every meal! Left by Workawayer Daithi for host. A very interesting place set in beautiful countryside. In terms of practicalities: getting from Barvaux to the centre by taxi can be time-consuming waiting for a taxi and expensive. The centre has drivers, but they were unavailable any time I asked. The walks to Barvaux and Durbuy and do-able in about an hour or less and pass through some very … read more pretty countryside. The work itself in the centre mostly involves tending to the cows.

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There's the option, too, for volunteers to participate in classes, attend chanting sessions, and so on. Overall, I had a very interesting time there. Left by Workawayer Morven for host. Sorry for how late this review is! I was here at an unusual time: for the last 2 weeks Ross the person in charge of volunteers was on a rare and well-deserved holiday. This meant that I had lots of freedom to arrange my day as … read more I wanted, although there were some general patterns. At 10 and 7 the cows were herded to the milking station and milked. When Ross was here this took less than an hour.

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  8. This was undoubtedly my favourite part of the experience — it was amazing to be able to develop relationships with each of the 5 cattle, and learn their distinctive personalities! The rest of the time was very flexible. I was trusted to structure my time as I wanted, which I loved. I could choose to do gardening when I liked generally weeding or harvesting , which was helpful during the heatwave! Sometimes there would be tasks that needed to be done at certain times; often this would involve talking to the head gardener, Rick, who was very kind and patient. The community has a lovely atmosphere.

    People there are friendly and welcoming. Of course, it being a religious community, religion was the focus of conversations; however it was never meant as conversion, only sharing their lives. All the people there were generous and friendly, and I really enjoyed learning about them and their views.

    On days off there was lots to do. Durbuy, a picturesque and touristy town, was a 40 minute walk. I strongly suggest the kayaking, you could go 8km from Durbuy to Barvaux and be driven back. From there, Liege was 50 minutes one of the main stations of South Belgium. This was a fantastic experience, that I enjoyed and would recommend to others. I was able to learn unusual skills, and intimately explore a Hare Krishna community, in a way I would never be able to otherwise.

    To Ross and Davy: thank you for your kindness and patience. I enjoyed our wide-ranging conversations, and being able to learn so much from you. I hope everything that you both are working on comes to fruition. I didn't get much time with Elias as I was on holiday for 2 weeks of his stay but I got to work with him the last week and he was obviously a good guy, quick learner and got on well with everyone including the cows. I think he'd be a great help to anybody who hosts him. Thanks Elias :o. Left by Workawayer Elias for host. I spend 3 weeks here and it was really a lovely time!

    Working with the cows and vegetable gardens was an amasing experience. A lot of nice and friendly people from the comunity arround and also great volunteers I met there! Dave and Ross are very funny and chill and I really learned a lot with them! Thanks for everything! Left by Workawayer Alexa for host. I had a very interesting week staying here! First of all: One week was actually not enough to see and do everything I was interested in. The community makes it possible to talk to a lot of different people from everywhere of the world.

    I had so many good talks and everyone was happy to tell me about their life and religion. Also, I was free to … read more join the religious ceremonies. Milking the cows by hand was a great experience and working with Ross was fun! Rick who does the gardening was also very motivating and gave me tasks I enjoyed! The food was vegetarian and without egg and it was always delicious and varied and I did not miss anything! All in all I recommend you to stay with the Hare Krishna, if you are interested in getting to know a different lifestyle and helping with cows and in the garden.

    Thank you for the great time! Ha Ha hard to follow a review like that,I'm not even goint to try anything so flamboyant. Nicolas is a very cool diplomat with great posture and a very entertaining way of presenting information and questions, very funny. Possibly an Victorian aristocrat in a previous life? Gets on well with all other workawayers and works hard. I liked his … read more inquisitive mind and found him very entertaining. It was a particularly good team of voulunteers at the time and Nicolas was the centre of it one way or another. Thanks Nicolas. Left by Workawayer Nicolas for host.

    Deep in the forest, among the thick of the undergrowth Lies a castle, a beauty, to many it is known High above, a man, whose name rings over this forest land He, the master of the five, He, the welder of the tribe To him I vowed allegiance and was repaid in gold To him I raise my glass, and for-ever I say "moo"!

    Normally if people give us a good review I'm tempted to to the same A one man social network who could engage people in interesting conversation that I've never managed to get to talk to in 3 yrs of being here! Don't think he's all talk mind, super hard working too.

    Shame he didn't dig us enough for four smileys but I like a guy who's honest too Thanks for all your help dude. Left by Workawayer Leo for host. One of the reasons I joined work away was to experience how other folk live. This is an experience I gained in Belgium. I now have a new love of cows. This was my main task at the project. You will meet all walks of life in this place. The religious side of things was not really my cup of tea.

    However the conservation at lunch was rich and … read more interesting. The food is outstanding and there is plenty of it Would recommend if you have an open mind and aren't searching a party lifestyle Ross's heart is in the right place. Oscar was a fantastic help and good companion to hang out with at a time when I couldn't spend so much time doing hands on work or oversee volunteers as I would normally.

    He was happy to work without supervision to a high standard and was completely reliable doing work that wasn't typically popular amongst volunteers keeping the cows … read more fields in good shape as opposed to gardening Also I felt comfortable having him supervise other volunteers and training them too. I feel that Oscar made the effort more than almost any other volunteer we ever had to experience every aspect of our community rather than just farm work and he was very popular here, more people visited the cow stables during his stay than during the whole rest of the year just because he was so outgoing, optimistic and sociable enough around the rest of the site to encourage people to come down to see what was going on.

    We really couldn't have been happier with his volunteering and general attitude, actually I don't know how I'd have managed without him during the period I was off work ill. This guy's destined to become a legend amongst workawayer's! Big hugs and appreciation to Oscar :o. Ross, the man you will be working with, is one of the coolest guys I know. Gaura, Jamba, Dharma, Bhumi and Ganga are awesome too. Furthermore, they are more handsome than Ross :D Seriously, my time there was great.

    Work felt like having fun with friends from all over the world while we were learning … read more amazing skills. Ross was not a manager or a coworker, but a friend. Same applies to Davy, Rick, and the others that helped me so much during my stay. Ross, I know you are the one that reads this: give them a big hug in my name. And a huge hug to you too, buddy. I wish I can see you soon. Left by Workawayer Migle for host. This is a peaceful place full of good human beings and beautiful nature. Also, Ross is a great stories teller, open-minded, sincere, careful and interesting personality, with whom you can spend a really great time.

    I strongly recommend this place. I had a great time being with Ross and his magnificent cows. Miss them all a lot and hope to come back soon. Migle's extremely helpful and reliable, she's also fantastically good company to be with. She's a quick learner, did more than we asked and was able to do all the necessary tasks to a high standard plus wasn't intimidated by the sometimes naughty animals.

    Why Procrastinators Procrastinate — Wait But Why

    She does look a bit shy sometimes but you soon realize she's an insanely great workawayer … read more and lovely person with a nice attitude. It's sweet that she doesn't realize how far, far, far, above average she is. Me and the Moo's wish she could have stayed longer and are going to miss her muchly, she's just adorable. Thanx Migle, you're awesome. Joe's a top bloke, always positive, enthusiastic and hard working, things were much easier with this dude around. When he left us he went to work at the home of one of our guests here who has been just as happy with his work so We wish him well and we'll always have him back.

    Left by Workawayer Joseph for host. Loved my stay here. Ross is an awesome guy. Open and friendly. Everyone is open and friendly actually. I worked with the cows, milked and cleaned out the muck. Fell in love with the cows. I miss them dearly. Beautiful scenery. There was no pressure to participate in any religious activity, just some friendly encouraging. People are always willing … read more to talk to you if you are willing to talk to them. If you want to be left alone, they will leave you alone. You will eat well. I hope to come back and see everyone again.

    Malou's a great volunteer, kind of felt like an old friend from day one rather than a newbie. Worked hard, reliable, trustworthy, interesting etc. Easy to get along with despite her dislike of British humor, luckily I'm open minded to know that attitude is just wrong :o She's one of the best so you need her on your project! We'd host her again given the chance. Thanks Malou! My experience in this place was quite different and unique, considering that I had ever been near cows before and inmerse in any religious community. Most of my time I spent it with Ross working with the cows and oxens.

    Ross explained everything I had to do really well and he was extremely patient with me. The worked involved cleaning the place … read more where the animals live wear proper shoes and take gloves with you feeding them and milking the cows. We did that together twice a day.