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Chica Bean pays fair prices.

Fair Trade for who? A counter view to the Fair Trade debate

But what does that mean? That means that Chica Bean pays prices that are not only fair for the excellent quality of beans that are being produced and the work that goes into them, but are enough to provide an income that ensures the family can thrive. This encourages them to develop their decision-making skills as they manage the fund and play a direct leadership role in enhancing their communities. In order to get the best from the bean, we ensure that the farms we collaborate with grow their beans without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilisers.

Our expert chocolatier then crafts the beans using as little heat treatment and harsh processing to produce the bioactive cacao that is our raw material and is the basis for our chocolate bars.

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We keep our list of ingredients short and simple but we need to add a little something sweet for flavour. In our opinion, the most healthful and natural sweetener for the body and teeth is coconut sugar with a lower glycemic index and some other nutritional benefits besides! The Kidooland Christmas Fair is a chance for Bon Bean Chocolate to showcase its first batch of designer chocolate bars. Unfortunately, the baby cries and Bean tries to calm him with his squeaky toy , but the guard dog he set free earlier on, follows the noise comically barking each time Bean squeaks the toy and gets close to the baby.

Though the dog means harm towards neither Bean nor the baby, Bean lures the dog into a ticket booth and locks it inside.

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In order to cheer the baby up, Bean cheats in a game of darts by prematurely piercing cards with his darts and throwing them in such a way that it appears he hit a card with all three darts, winning a goldfish. But the plastic bag carrying the fish leaks, and when the water fountain proves to be not working, Bean desperately puts the fish and the remaining water in his mouth in order to keep it alive. He then plays a round of Bingo and wins, but upon shouting "Bingo!

Fortunately, he spits the goldfish and the water out of his mouth and into a fishbowl with another goldfish; Bean notices this and smiles before leaving.

Fun and Games - Funny Compilation - Mr Bean Official

Later on, the baby cries again, and this time, nothing Bean does calms him down. Bean buys lots of balloons and ties them to the pram, but, although it succeeds in making the baby stop crying, the balloons carry the pram into the atmosphere while Bean is paying the vendor. In panic after seeing this, Bean steals a bow and arrow from the archery game, sharpens the tip of the wooden arrow with a pencil sharpener and fires it, popping some balloons and allowing the pram to land right in the same spot Bean accidentally took it from, where the baby's mother is complaining to the police.

The mother is reunited with the baby, much to Bean's relief. Bean almost forgets to return the squeaky toy to the baby, but realises how much he will miss the baby and decides to keep the toy to remember his little friend. Satisfied about returning the baby to his mother, Bean starts to drive home, unaware that the guard dog, having escaped from the ticket booth, has sneaked into the back of his Mini after Bean squeaked the toy.

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As he drives off, Bean squeaks the toy again and the dog barks, scaring Bean. The entire episode was filmed on location at Clarence Pier , Southsea. The other episode-length story, Mr. Bean in Room , was also filmed in Southsea.

Small-batch roasted coffee

This is also the last episode in the series to be shot on 35mm film. A clip of the scene where Mr.

Bean puts the balloons on the pram was shown in an episode of MythBusters , in which it was tested whether a large number of balloons could indeed lift a small child into the sky. It was proven to be plausible, although an impracticably large number [ quantify ] of balloons were needed for it to actually work. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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