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Ira Kalb, who runs a marketing consultancy and teaches at U.

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A billboard is a very visible, localized way of showing the love and support that actors, directors, and others involved in film production crave. That then sparks them to invest in their own publicity apparatuses—appearing at extra screenings and events, sitting for interviews and photo shoots—which increases their chances of winning a little golden man or globe, or a little bronze man.

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Vanity might seem trivial, but, in Hollywood, vanity is business. The aim, then, is not just to get single Oscar votes but to influence influential people. And, in this, placement is key. Last summer, three computer scientists at U. Within each set, the scientists colored three of the nodes, then counted how many of the remaining nodes were immediately linked to the colored ones.

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In one set, it was possible to link more than half the nodes with the colored three; in another, there were far fewer connections. I called Kristina Lerman, the lead author of the paper, to see whether there was anything to my theory. Lerman typically concentrates on cognitive biases in the online realm the study cites Digg followers as one test case , and at first she was unconvinced by my I.

Given that, she agreed that a well-targeted billboard could change perceptions among the powerful. Even so, Lerman suggested, the persistence of the billboards probably still had more to do with their success as a mnemonic—with the simple, cost-effective psychology that Cohen had described. Recommended Stories. Unique and valuable notes produced by university scholars and experienced lawyers to help you understand and explain subtle differences between your legal concepts and their English equivalents.

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