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Shelve Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker. Wolverine: Infinity Watch by Gerry Duggan. Wolverine has finally returned, disentwined from… More.

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Shelve Wolverine: Infinity Watch. The full saga of Requiem and the Infinity Wars! T… More.

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The guy who slaughtered half of all sentient life helps the heroes defeat an even more evil foe. It's a good story, the art is fantastic, and it will make fans of the film question some things. The collection is oddly formatted, it includes the core infinity war books which stand on their own, as well as tie in issues of infinity watch and a collection of thanos backups which occur in the middle of the story.

Infinity War

That's fine but they're not really assembled in a reading order that makes sense. The infinity watch books happen in between issues of infinity war, but they're put at the end like an epilouge when they probably should have been throughout. The thanos stories are more self contained and work fine as an epilouge, but the infinity watch issues don't really connect to each other so much as they do the main title, so reading them all at the end is a little weird.

The quality of the stories fairs better than the collection itself, but it's notably worse than the previous infinity gauntlet story, it hits a lot of the same notes but never quite as well. Overall the book is just okay but it's high notes are really high, the included infinity watch books are a bit better and help push it above 3 stars. If you've already read infinity gauntlet and want more it's not disappointing, but if you're looking for a starting point or want to read something in anticipation of the new movie check out gauntlet first.

Except for the underwhelming Mole Man and his roster of monsters, the Infinity War presents a lively follow up to Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath. Some unprecedented alliances form to either prevent all reality's destruction or gain ultimate power themselves. Galactus, Eternity, Thanos, and the Living Tribunal make their grandiose appearances again, and Doctor Doom and Kang weave their way into important roles.

Infinity War: Collected Edition

With an astounding and ingenious plot twist, the Infinity War takes the title of a "must-read" for the Marvel finatic. Ga naar Amazon. Terug naar boven. Elements of Infinity , a recent follow up to Infinity Gauntlet which introduced Thanos's Black Order, also informed the story, as well as odds and ends from a handful of other tales, since there were so many storylines interweaving between the dozens of characters appearing in the movie.

So if you want to know what comics you can read up on to get the same general rush of the Marvel movies, read on Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War are now playing in theaters. Ant-Man and The Wasp is set for release on July 6, Captain Marvel will follow it on March 6, , with the untitled Avengers 4 set to tie everything about the Marvel Cinematic Universe into a bow on May 3, Since Iron Man is as much a standard origin story as any Marvel movie gets, there is a lot of the film that is simply adapted and updated from that first story.

That issue was written by O'Neil and pencilled by M. Bright, with inks by Ian Akin and Brian Garvey.

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The Iron Monger showdown in the film's third act could be seen as a re-envisionining of this story, of course, although frankly the movie is mostly its own animal. Since Ang Lee had just tackled the jade giant's origin story in The Hulk a few years before, The Incredible Hulk did not get the same origin story treatment. It was also not really based on any one storyline from the comics.

So really this one is a template for some of the future installments that would be largely constructed by screenwriters using only the high concept of the character and the setting of the Marvel Universe. Iron Man 2 was, again, a story that felt less directly pulled from the pages of the comics than some others. The behaviors he engages in certainly hinted at the story for those in the know, which is enough to include it -- especially since prior to the movie it was probably the best-known and most talked-about Iron Man story ever told.

That storyline is available in collected editions under the Demon in a Bottle title.

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Black Widow first appeared in Tales of Suspense 52 by Stan Lee, Don Rico and Don Heck , but that version -- an Iron Man villain -- bore little resemblance to the version who would become the final, most popular form of Natasha. This movie is of course an origin story more truly than most, so a lot of credit goes to very early issues. Loki first appeared in Journey Into Mystery 85 Lee, Lieber, Kirby, Dick Ayers , bringing with him much of the complicated backstory that defined him in this and later movies.

Captain America: The First Avenger takes place largely in World War II, so the earliest of stories -- and mostly those with little to do with the larger Marvel Universe -- shaped most of it. Cap's unit, the Howling Commandos, first appeared in the comics in Sgt.

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  5. You can find the whole storyline pretty easily in collected editions.