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Among my papers, I found the report on my discovery. The date was May 5th. Il ricordo del grande dalle sessanta pulsazioni normali mi diede una speranza che mi rese addirittura malato. Le prove mi costarono molto e il mio piccolo bilancio ne fu subito dissestato. Mia madre! Io non so se alcuno di voi abbia conosciuta mia madre. Scusate se vi parlo di mia madre, ma, come vedrete, essa ap- partiene al mio argomento. Mio padre tenne per lunghi anni a Venezia un negozio di droghe molto importante.

The memory of that great man with sixty regular pulsations gave me so much hope that made even me sick. What if more than the elongation of life I had actually achieved something else, something greater yet! The experiments required a great deal from me, and my tiny budget was suddenly unbalanced. These studies kept me from diligently dedicating myself to my practice, so my richest clients abandoned me after the failure of the Menghi Alcohol, which was presented by some of my colleagues as the rabbles of a madman.

These difficulties led me to confide in my mother. My mother! This much I know: if one of you has ever seen her, if only for a brief moment, you will never forget her. Tall, straight, very black eyes, sweet and imperious at the same time, a youthful complexion in contrast to a full head of white hair, but a pure white, like fresh snow. Pardon me if I speak to you about my mother but, as you can see, she is crucial to my discussion. For many years my father owned an important pharmacy in Venice.

At the age of thirty-five, after five years of marriage, he gave in to a wicked lifestyle. He had mistresses, he gambled and - I believe but am not certain - he succumbed to the vice of drinking. Fortunately, my mother was immediately aware of his transfor- mation. As long as he was alive, it was a daily struggle against him, first of all because he always wanted more money, and then it was a struggle against the impatient creditors who came from all over to claim their money, and against the lenders who no longer wanted to giv him credit. Morto mio padre la bella figura si eresse di nuovo per curvarsi solo nel singhiozzo frequente.

Ed essa parlava con- tinuamente del marito morto avendo dimenticato di lui i cinque o sei ultimi anni. Essa accumulo in commercio in breve tempo una piccola fortuna apprendendo da se tutti quei complicati particolari che costituiscono la scienza commerciale. Poi oltre agli affari ebbe sempre da attendere anche alla casa. Io che la conoscevo commerciante fino al midollo, calcolatrice come un banchiere, astuta e previdente, esitante e dubbiosa ad ogni decisione che potesse implicare la diminuzione di un utile oppure una piccola perdita, fui stupito e commosso di vederla accogliere immediatamente la mia proposta.

She claimed to be the unhappiest woman up until the last day of her pitiful existence. Now that my father was dead, this beautiful woman stood erect once again, succumbing only to occasional bouts of crying. And she constantly spoke of her dead husband, forgetting his last five or six years. In a short time, she accumulated a small fortune in the market, learning all of those complicated particulars of commercial science on her own. I do not believe it often happens that a woman, who is not of a certain culture, has such ease in understanding everything. Then, she always had to do something for the business and in the house.

She granted me help with astounding readiness. I, who knew her as a business-woman down to the marrow, a calculator like a banker, astute and provident, hesitant and dubious in every deci- sion that could implicate a decrease in profits or even a small loss, I was amazed and touched when she immediately welcomed my proposal. She quickly calculated: she could give me a monthly stipend of lire for three years, exactly the amount I required. Neither to me, nor to her was the probability of having to re- open a pharmacy seen as a severe threat. Prima non aveva conosciuto che agita- zione e stanchezza; ora invece soffriva oltre che di agitazione e di stanchezza anche di noia.

Erano molti anni che non si lavorava insieme. Questo metodo ebbe delle conseguenze non so se buone o cattive pel mio avvenire. Before she only knew agitation and fatigue, but now she suffered from boredom, in addition to agitation and fatigue. Running a household and ordering a servant around was not enough for someone like my mother, who ran a business with two or three employees and various laborers.

The household was very closely supervised and had but one defect: order was discussed too often. Whoever sold us the meat or the vegetables had to stay alert because everything that came into the house was weighed, examined, and sifted through, and mamma found a way to work in both the small casetta and the large business. About my mother, I must still say that she was a big egoist with an egoism that only I understood.

And when I was a boy, for my sake and with great effort, she tolerated someone being in our back room; however, her antipathy seeped out all too clearly, so that soon enough everyone abandoned me and I was left to enjoy the back room and afternoon snack alone. She reserved her smiles and courteous words for clients; I knew completely different smiles and words and I felt her insincerity. When she felt inclined to advise me to sacrifice my glory and the results from my studies in favor of the others whom she did not love, I had to obey because the reasons which induced her to such a request had to be rather strong.

From the day I asked for her assistance, she requested to work with me. We had not worked together for many years. She taught me to read in her study, and I remember how she was ready to help and teach me only then to abandon me, running off to her affairs. I think I derived from it a fever- ish yearning to put every one of my ideas into action, a yearning that can sometimes push me to premature communications, but which all at once forces me to specify synthetically my ideas while others lose time in error and illusion.

I understand that the idea is immediately realized in the laboratory, but in an imprecise form. I admit a semblance between the evolved animal and the unevolved one, but I do not admit likeness. My experiments with the Annina are enough to establish this difference. Nel primo caso si avrebbe una morte per esaurimento; nel secondo per abbru- ciamento. E avete osservato come il cervello funzioni egregiamente in individui il cui cuore abbia declinato? Non avevo oramai che da dire una parola e mamma pensava il mio pensiero.

Avevo bisogno di una tale collaborazione! I only had to produce a sufficient quantity of the Annina in order to proceed with subsequent experi- ments. The greater part of our time was dedicated to discussing and clarifying the theory. She understood easily and quickly, though I had to use the least scientific language possible to make her better understand.

Indeed, I resorted to a language which science refutes. Animal life is comparable to boiling a cauldron of water placed on a fire whose fuel is limited. This boiling can end because the fuel is entirely depleted or because the water evaporates. In the first case, one would have death by exhaustion; in the second, combus- tion.

Now, it is evident that animal life is assured by an excess of heat- I mean to say that the equilibrium between the water and fire is not perfect and so the life could last longer if the boiling was diminished. For example, it is evident that the heat released by our body is a loss. How much of this loss is necessary to protect our periphery? To be more precise: it is noted that usefully employing the force manifested and therefore lost by the heart in twenty- four hours could lift 4, kilograms one meter high. Quite the excess! How much of this force is necessary to nourish our life and how much is lost or is harmful?

The future of hygienic science lies in the solution to such a problem. Nevertheless, I know that this force is excessive and I know it, first of all, for the fact that many individuals whose manifest heat was inferior proved to be stronger than those with a fast-pulse and heat seeping from every pore.

The latent force is the only force. What we perceive with our senses or measure with our instruments is the loss of force. And have you observed how the brain functions egregiously in individuals with an abated heart? I have found lucid, nay acute, minds in people whose pulse was too weak and too slow to be measured. I gave up everything for the pleasure of making my mother feel the greatness and originality of my idea. By then I only had to say one word and mamma could understand my thought. I needed such a collaboration! Usually when I work, I get lost in my rever- ies.

I stop to contemplate the eventual consequences of my ideas, I caress them, I admire my future success and I forget the work necessary to realize them. This was not possible with my mother. She brought the systems which had greatly benefitted her in busi- ness to the laboratory. Mi arresto a contemplare le ultime conseguenze delle mie idee, le accarezzo, ne ammiro il futuro suc- cesso e oblio il lavoro necessario per realizzarle. Essa portava seco in laboratorio i sistemi che tanto le avevano giovato negli affari.

Con un decigrammo nel sangue si uccideva un cane giovine e forte in quaranta secondi. Dapprima mia madre non voleva credere si trattasse di una morte reale. La rassicurai dicendole che il caso era stato previsto. Il siero di cui avevo a servirmi doveva essere ben altrimenti elaborato di questo. Essa rimase commossa e per lungo tempo dubbiosa. Preparai un coniglio con iniezioni seguite per varii giorni di dosi minime di Annina.

Ne raccolsi il sangue che, steriliz- zato, considerai quale il siero voluto. Svegliai mia madre alla mattina per presentarle il frutto del mio lavoro. Mia madre guardava invece la povera bestiola aspettandosi di vederla morire. A decigram in the blood killed a young, strong dog in forty seconds. At first, my mother did not want to believe the death had happened. She stroked the dog, trying to make it come back to life. The serum I wanted to use eventually had to be much more developed than this one.

She was excited and, for a long time, dubious. That pushed me to work feverishly to remove any such doubt from her as soon as possible. I prepared a rabbit for successive injec- tions of minimum doses of Annina over several days. I drew some blood, which, when sterilized, I believed to be the right serum.

I did all of this work gingerly in order to surprise my mother. Thus commenced that memorable day of June 2nd with a triumph I have never had before in my life. I woke up my mother in the morning to show her the fruits of my labor. She got dressed in a flash and followed me to the labora- tory where the rabbit soon received the first-ever injection of An- nina. The fact that it actually lived made my mother flush with ad- miration.

What was only the application of my serum to a process invented by others arose more wonder in her than my own original idea. Only from this was her lack of scientific preparation apparent. The injected rabbit exhibited various phenomena. It ceased to eat for many hours, and when it did eat, after being placed among and confronted with the other rabbits, it appeared to be less vora- cious and slower in its movements.

Except when it shook, it was evidently taken by a kind of stupor. Il mio faceva un balzo formidabile quando era minacciato la prima volta; era invece incapace di farne un se- condo se minacciato immediatamente una seconda volta. Cadeva subito nel menzionato stato di stupefazione e si lasciava afferrare trasalendo inerte. Anche arrivando a constatare in essi quel mutamento di vita consono - se- condo le mie teorie - al loro mutamento fisico, non mi sarei trovato avanzato di molto.

Solo la constatazione di un mutamento di tutta la funzione vitale - mutamento che in gran parte doveva sfuggire alla verifica mediante istrumenti - poteva giovarmi. Non ebbi esitazioni! Quante volte non vengono lesi dal suono e dalla luce? Dei sentimenti poi non parlo. It suddenly fell into the aforementioned state of stupor and allowed itself to be caught, wincing inertly. In the dining room that evening, we continued to chat about the Annina. Where would those animal experiments lead me? Even if I managed to verify in them a change of life that was consonant with their physical change - according to my theories - I would not end up advancing a great deal.

Only observing a change of the entire vital functions - a change that largely escapes instrumental verification - could help me. I did not hesitate! That same evening I would inject the Annina into my own veins. The liveliest hope was reborn in me. There are not many examples in medicine of subjective obser- vation, but there are some and they are quite strange. The famous Napolitano doctor with nephritis was one of the first advocates of the milk cure.

From the beginning, he subjectively intuited its beneficial effect, and later he proved it by objectively verifying the decrease of albumin. Now, more than any other method, could sub- jective experimentation provide a conclusive outcome verifying an intensity of life which, in my opinion, must primarily demonstrate a decrease in the vivacity of the senses and sentiments. Because, if the Annina demonstrated the efficacy I hoped for, it would decrease what I call attrition.

Now, what is our greatest attrition that squan- ders our strength without us realizing it? Our sense of perception is sometimes not enough - I recognize this - but it mainly errs for too much sensibility. How often is it ruined by sound or light? Thus I do not speak about sentiments.

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The excessive joys and the excessive anxieties of the mind decimate humanity. In my head I anticipated the effect the Annina would have on me. I figured that the Annina must become the drug for intellectu- als, not for textbooks. I have already said how I believe in the neces- sity of a manifestly strong heart for brain performance. Ne adoperai una dose molto maggiore di quella usata pel coniglio che non mi parve abbastanza anninizzato. Devo confes- sarlo: Mettendo il liquido nel tubetto mi tremava la mano e il cuore mi batteva.

Ma non seppi at tendere. Presi un foglio di carta, lo posi sul tavolo da notte assieme ad una matita per fissare subito sulla carta le osservazioni fatte. Una calma as- soluta e nel mio organismo. Mi sento agitato. Ore 10 e Ho paura di perdere i sensi. Not long after locking myself in my bedroom, I injected myself with the Annina. I used a much larger dose than what I used on the rabbit, which did not seem to be anninized enough. I must confess that while I pulled the liquid into the syringe, my hand was trembling and my heart was beating wildly. That courageous inventor who passed 2, volts through his heart in order to prove the harmlessness of alternating current, must have had similar feel- ings.

Perhaps I should have acted more prudently by postponing the experiment until the following day and noting my discovery in the meantime, because one of my colleagues would experiment later. I put a piece of paper and pencil on the bedside table so I could immediately record my observations. There is an abso- lute clam in my organism.

My pulse is eighty-four and is clear. The injection point on my arm burns. My temperature is I can count the heartbeats in my ear while resting on the pillow and I can determine that it is synchronized with the pulse. An actual circulatory perturbation is excluded. A storm has erupted in my organism and seems to be surging.

La bestia umana (Ciclo dei Rougon-Macquart)

It began with a deafening noise inside my ears, so much so that it appeared to be external. At first, it was a burst, as if the air pressure outside exploded eight panes of glass in my bedroom with a single strike. And now it continues, deafening and threatening, as if something enormously intricate were approaching. Watching the gas-flame next to my bed reflect motionless in the mirror was enough for me to understand that all the noise was inside me, and not external. I was terrified to remember the enormous dose of Annina I had injected. With a very lucid state of mind, I scolded myself.

Professor Arrigoni was right to describe me as such a quantitative thinker who would quickly measure an abyss by throwing myself in. Ricordo con terrore la dose enorme di Annina che mi sono iniettata. Mi faccio dei rimproveri con mente lucidissima. Che avessi la febbre? Voglio provare. Non arrivai a provare il polso. Ora am- monta a 66; 18 pulsazioni meno di iersera. Rileggo la descrizione fatta del malessere da cui fui colto iersera.

Ma come completarla? Ricordo che prima mormorai: - Collasso! Non ricordo altro! Quando ritornai in me ero mutato del tutto. Polmone e cuore dovevano lavorare perfet- tamente. Sentivo ancora un certo peso alle gambe e mi parevano sempre lontane. Could I have a fever? I want to check. I reread the de- scription of the malaise that took over me last night. How imperfect it is! But how to finish it? The terminology of medical science is too impoverished to be able to express my subjective impressions! My unease increased so much that I had to abandon the pencil; I stretched out on the bed and lost my senses.

My lips no longer held back the saliva running down my cheeks, and I was suddenly aware that my respiration was short and precipitous. The bedroom seemed completely dark. Only a yellow plate reflected on my retina: the gas-flame, from which no light irradiated and at which I think I must have stared unceasingly, because even now the poor, miserable thing remained imprinted on me, like it was before, cold and small, my only point of contact with the external world.

I was dying! Down there, my legs seemed distant, well outside of the bed, and were enormously heavy. I remember nothing else! This morning I realized I must have gone through a delirious attack, because the blankets and pillow were violently strewn about. When I returned to consciousness, everything had changed.

It seemed I had come out of a benign attack of pneumonia; the euphoria was absolute. The lungs and heart had to be working perfectly. I felt neither my breath nor my heartbeat. Yet I felt a certain weight in my legs and they always seemed distant. That certainly meant a weakening of the senses. I must have smiled from the satisfaction of being so exactly right. Touching my bare feet with my hand took considerable effort. They were warm. But immediately I deduced that this act had done nothing but verify the difference in temperature between the two extremi- ties. I searched for the thermometer.

It had to be somewhere in the bed. Debbo aver sorriso dalla soddisfazione di aver pensato tanto esatta mente. Fu con isforzo che toccai con una mano i piedi nudi. E stetti immoto senza fare alcuno sforzo per liberare il mio letto dalle altre scheggie di vetro che dovevano trovarvisi. Mi baloccai per lungo tempo immobile con le mie idee. Ero certo che avrei potuto balzare dal letto e correre a fare le mie annotazioni.

Torna da me (Italian Edition) eBook: Roberta Ciuffi, Romance Cover Graphic: ylomymyrukog.tk: Kindle-Shop

Ma non mi mossi. Non lo guardai e mi limitai di consta- tare che la notte era alta. Esso sentiva debolmente i rumori che io pro ducevo movendomi nel letto. Passai ad analizzare la mia forza visiva.

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Mentre al momento di svenire avevo visto la fiamma di gas quale un pezzetto di metallo lucido, ora scorgevo perfetta- mente che la fiamma era una fiamma ma pure mi parve non illu- minasse a sufficienza la stanza. Nello specchio la fiamma si rifletteva attenuata di poco. I was regretful. But if I had found it whole, would I have used it? Instead I stayed motionless without making any effort to clean the shards of glass from the bed, which had to be around somewhere. For a while I frittered the time away, immobile, with only my ideas.

My thought lingered on the annotations and I lingered on the thought of what I would write if I were to write it. For now, I would look at the clock to establish how much time I had spent unconscious. For me to raise my head just beyond the bedside table in order to see the clock would have been enough, but I did not make any such effort.

I rested supine, blithe in the confirmation of one of my hopes for my Annina: I did not impetuously rush into action and I was proud about the idea that by now I was able to measure an abyss without throwing myself in. Would I have measured it before? Thinking about the annotations pestered me, and without any intention to reach for the pencil and take it in hand, I analyzed my senses.

My hearing certainly appeared weaker. It feebly sensed the noises I made from moving around in the bed. I then analyzed my vision. The reflected flame attenuated slightly in the mirror. Exhausted from the effort, I closed my eyes and relaxed. The effort required to perceive an object was largely compensated for by the acuteness of vision. I could analyze the slightest hue of color.

Until then a gas-flame was only yellow, with some red and blue reflection at the base-in short, foolishly yellow. Now I saw it was not so and in the flame I discovered more dispa- rate gradations of those various tones. The flame spoke! I hoisted my neck up a bit and stared into the darkness, attempting to see the wardrobe, which had to be next to the mirror. Fino ad allora una fiamma di gas era stata per me gialla con qualche riflesso rosso e azzurra alla base; stupidamente gialla insomma.

Quella fiamma par lava! Come tutti gli oggetti sono belli se visti con una forza che superi almeno quella di chi li guar da per moversi fra di loro! E lo rividi sempre fosco e oscuro quando abitava una stanza mai rischiarata nella nostra prima abi- tazione a Venezia; una sola finestra cui il sole non arrivava mai causa la stretta calle su cui guardava.

Mastodontico armadio che ricettava allora serio, serio i miei primi vestitini corti. Riposai di nuovo dello sforzo mentre il mio pensiero non cercava riposo. The wardrobe was an ancient chest, mas- sive, baroque, from a distasteful era, its luster faded, on the sides there were two pretentious mullions from whose gable-ends hung grape clusters. I never saw it like that before and, being an object I had had since childhood, I was astonished to see it in such a sur- prisingly strange way.

As all objects are beautiful when viewed with an effort that exceeds the basest attempt from those who wish simply to move among them! Although it was the first time I remembered looking at that wardrobe with such an eye, my vision of that mo- ment was compressed with all of the visions I had had of that wardrobe since childhood. And I see it again, always grim and obscure, when it inhabited a room in our first home in Venice that was never cleared out.


A single window where the sun never shined through because of the small alley over which it peered. That mam- moth wardrobe which dependably held my first baby clothes. Inside was a strong odor of lavender that mamma loved so much. More than once I saw it outdoors on a barge looking shabbier than usual, various split grapes in its clusters. Those grapes were still missing, but compared to the rest of the wardrobe, the wounds of yellow wood now appeared as if they were bleeding.

They had not healed, but even time had matched their colors. I rested again from the effort while my thoughts sought no such rest. All that I had expected was coming true: diminished life could better concentrate in certain directions. The physiologists from a century ago said: half or more of the human body is dead. Perhaps I augmented the dead portion, but I intensified the life of the living portion.

Even my legs were more alive, if I wanted. Directing my attention thus, my sensibility sud- denly increased and, without looking, only from sensation did I clearly feel the gentleness of the soft wool. Dawn came in the meantime. Io forse aumentavo la parte morta ma intensificavo la vita della parte viva. Subiva ora una luce antipatica, cor- rotta dal giallo della fiamma a gas. Poi a me parve di non arrivare ad addormentarmi. Nello stesso tempo il pensiero a tanto lavoro che dovevo compiere mi faceva soffrire.

Eppure dormivo. In undici ore constatai in me tre stadii. II primo di cui non so la durata era stato contrassegnato dalla perdita totale dei sensi. Soon it became the most important aspect in the room. How beautiful it was, waking up in this manner under the red curtains.

Tired, I tried to rest. My last visual impression was once again the wardrobe, which had seen so many dawns without ever being so intensely observed. Now it suffered from an unpleasant light, corrupted by the yellow of the gas-flame. Then I was unable to fall asleep. I conjured up future experiments to perform.

First, I had to see if the Annina was compounded in our organism, and whether it were possible to undertake treatment with daily microdoses where the dosage would be measured sim- ply by personal observation. Then, I had to investigate whether one might develop a dependence on the Annina, and whether this dependence would eliminate the violent attack or maybe even all effects. At the same time, I suffered from the thought of all the work I had to do. And yet, I slept. As soon as my thoughts animated me, I was completely awake; the transition was so short.

Then I fell back into a torpor that was nothing but sleep, a long, long sleep, a half-vigil; the sleep of the animal who had provided the Annina. And I had known it, I felt the desire for the deepest, most restora- tive sleep, and it seemed that when I tried to approach something or someone, it only got further away.

See a Problem?

Over eleven hours, I noted three distinct stages. In the second, I had a very lucid mind but slow and pitiful movements; actually, I shall characterize them in this way: no perception without desire. I conclude: to enjoy the rest the Annina provides, it should have never been invented. Then, even those truly imperfect annotations were interrupted.

Nella notte intera deve aver persistito in me un offuscamento di coscienza. Qui anche queste annotazioni tanto imperfette sono interrotte. Egli si scalda anzi si scalmana per tutto e per tutti. E anche dopo egli diagnostica e studia e alma- nacca e assiste alle sezioni cadaveriche. Clementi walked in with a suspi- cious look, which indicated that he was in possession of terrible news. He was stressed and irate because, as I later learned, he had beckoned me for more than half an hour.

I was always somewhat distracted but never enough not to hear Dr. Since I will be dead when the public learns of my memoir, one can assume that Dr. Clementi will be long forgotten by then. His exuberance of life must make him go down the road much sooner than others who are endowed with more potent moderating organs. He gets heated up, no, he gets enraged about everything and everyone.

I know him well because for two years I worked as his secondary at the hospital. Those two years seem to have happened under a railway bridge on which boundless trains furiously come and go. How noisy that man is! Anyway, for him, every one of his patients is his own strange adventure affecting only him, and he talks, and talks, and talks endlessly about it.

When he sees the patient on the first day, he immediately begins to diagnose, and he diagnoses the second day, the third day, and the fourth day until the patient either heals or dies. And, even after, he diagnoses and studies and daydreams and attends the autopsy. If his diagnosis was right, he talks about it so that it seems he was more surprised than everyone else. One can say that he is not a braggart only because he is a scientist.

The house doctor trembles when Dr. Clementi comes as a consultant. He certainly does not intend to do harm to anyone, but seeing as every patient of his has at least three diseases, it is unlikely that the house doctor had spoken about all three. Quando entra in una casa quale consulente, il medico di casa trema. E pensai di raccontargli della mia scoperta e di pregarlo di fame una prova su lui.

Contemporanea mente ebbi varie idee. Pareva tentasse di consolarmi prima di darmi una cattiva nuova. Aveva alzate le braccia e poggiate le mani sulle mie spalle per segnare un abbraccio che causa la differenza di statura non era possibile. Hai un sonno tu! Mia madre e il suo e il mio affetto erano dimenticati del tutto ed io non ricordavo altro che quel cuore colpito da esuberanza di vita. My first thought was: providence delivers me the person who needs the Annina more than anyone. And I thought about informing him of my discovery and to beg him to try it himself. Coincidentally, I had various ideas.

Among them, trying the An- nina on a fitful lunatic would be more conclusive proof than trying it on Dr. Clementi…but just barely. With an effort that must have expended a great deal, he suppressed his anger toward me for not having responded earlier. He assumed an air of commiseration that did not foretell anything positive. It appeared as if he were trying to console me before delivering the bad news. The small, nervous man almost leaned on me.

He raised his arms and placed his hands on my shoulders to indicate a hug, which was not possible due to the difference in stature. Quite the sleep you had! Clementi spoke about a passive aneurism and gave me hope he himself did not share, how was it that I still lingered on my creation? Half an hour later she had the attack. Clementi chimed in. Mehr lesen Weniger lesen. Kunden, die diesen Artikel gekauft haben, kauften auch.

Seite 1 von 1 Zum Anfang Seite 1 von 1. Julia London. Lorraine Heath. Madeline Hunter. Kelly Bowen. Shannon Drake. As you said, Commissioner, we have gained just one day since last year; at that rate, we will have to wait 60 years to achieve equality between men and women. None of us here can rationally explain to our citizens the persistence of the existing gender pay gap.

If progress is not being made at national level it is the responsibility of the European Union to act — notably with a legislative proposal — in order to guarantee equality for all its citizens: men and women. This is actually the logic of the subsidiarity principle, not the other way around. If Member States are failing to guarantee fundamental rights for all, the issue has to be addressed and tackled at European level.

The same principle should also apply to our combating of gender-based violence, which is also an issue closely linked to the economic independence — or rather, dependence — of women. As rapporteur on the Directive on the Protection of the Victims of Crime, of which women represent a vast majority, I hope they will automatically be able to address properly the specific needs of victims of gender-based violence. But let us be realistic: we will not be able to fight comprehensively violence against women with this piece of legislation only. That is why we need a comprehensive European strategy.

Mara Bizzotto EFD. Quello che leggo nella prima relazione non mi trova per nulla d'accordo. Si legge che il Parlamento si rammarica dell'adozione da parte di alcuni Stati membri di definizioni restrittive di famiglia con lo scopo di negare la tutela giuridica alle coppie dello stesso sesso e ai loro figli. L'oratore accetta di rispondere a una domanda "cartellino blu" articolo , paragrafo 8, del regolamento. Sophia in 't Veld, blue-card question. Not only do you say that you are opposed to same-sex families, but you actually deny their very existence.

I think that is very offensive to all those same-sex families with legal status in many Member States.

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  • There are five Member States where gay couples can get married — legally married like anybody else because they love each other and they are committed to each other — and in other Member States they can sign up to a registered partnership. You are simply denying reality. What do you have to say about that? Tutto qua, mi pare una cosa abbastanza elementare. I know quite a few such families, so I wonder if you really know your country very well.

    Could you please explain how you can say that in Italy same-sex families do not exist? Mara Bizzotto EFD , Risposta a una domanda "cartellino blu" — Signor Presidente, onorevoli colleghi, in Italia scusate, la famiglie sono quelle formate da uomo, donna e figli. The call for quotas and for prescriptions of rank order is in danger of constructing a formula that is so prescriptive that the real selection decision is taken by the formula deviser and not by the political party. In a democracy, political parties are private organisations and are not creatures of the state; they must be free to decide who should represent them as candidates without state interference.

    It is for the electorate to decide whether or not it likes the candidates and not for the government to do so. Parties, in my view, should decide candidates on merit, and neither on the basis of discrimination nor on the basis of quotas. But in the end that is their business. Prescribing rank order, of course, is possible only in closed-list systems. How long will it be before the voter in open-list systems is forced to cast high-preference votes for both male and female candidates regardless of party and to cast appropriate percentages of the vote for various approved minorities?

    Perhaps in the end the poor voter will have the right only to cast a ballot paper that has already been completed by affirmative action or positive discrimination. Edit Bauer PPE. Credo che ci sia un nesso fra questa situazione e la perdurante esclusione delle donne dai luoghi decisionali e quindi da una sottovalutazione dell'impatto sulle donne della crisi e delle politiche. Chiediamo anche norme e misure per consentire un riequilibrio della rappresentanza con procedure trasparenti di selezione per uomini e per donne in politica e nei luoghi decisionali e caldeggio che la Commissaria Reding — come ha annunciato — possa davvero con il sostegno del Parlamento arrivare ad una direttiva sulle quote nelle imprese.

    Wer spricht heute in Europa eigentlich noch vom Frauenwahlrecht? Per Gesetz! Also wurde es erzwungen. Aber beides funktioniert nur, wenn es Rahmenbedingungen gibt, die eben genau diese Freiheit und diese Fairness erlauben. Paul Nuttall EFD. After all these years of EU gender equality regulations, targets, and initiatives, the situation is still pretty poor. And now you want to introduce quotas for women in boardrooms. To be perfectly honest, when I read it, I did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Because, if a women is dedicated and good she can get to the top.

    No, she did not. She did it based on raw ability, an iron will and because she was the best person for the job. When you bring in quotas you lessen quality. You promote mediocrity and I contend that businesses should have the right to hire the best person for the job and it should not matter whether they are male, female, black or white or anything else.

    It is called a meritocracy and it is something which Britain and the English-speaking peoples of the world have been pioneering for centuries. How would you feel, if you were a women who had worked very hard and had gone into management, only for a token woman to be handed a similar job? If anything, this will create a culture of discrimination. As colleagues will constantly ask, did you get there because you are good or did you get there because you ticked a few boxes? You call this positive discrimination. I contend that discrimination is never positive. So here we have it.

    In a desperate bid to sound popular you are not only patronising women, you are promoting mediocrity and you are hampering business. I would urge all Members to vote against this report tomorrow. The speaker agreed to take a blue-card question under Rule 8. Paul Nuttall EFD , blue-card answer. It is as simple as that. What we should have is a situation where we are not hampering business with regulation in times of austerity.

    No, let us do the opposite. Let us deregulate and let us ensure that the best person for the job gets it, regardless of gender, colour, creed, religion or anything else. The best person should always get the job. I understand that he considers that those people in the top jobs right now are there purely on the basis of merit.

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    So, Mr Nuttall, you say they are the best people for the job. Hang on — the greatest monarchs that we have ever had in our country have been women. Probably our greatest Prime Minister of the last century was a woman. But she got there — and the Labour Party probably does not like that fact, but there we are — purely on merit because she was the best person for the job. I tell you that, if you go down this line, all you are doing is tying the hands of businesses in times of austerity. It is wrong! You should deregulate.

    Andrea Bocelli - La donna e' mobile - Live From Piazza Dei Cavalieri, Italy / 1997

    You should do away with red tape and give businesses the freedom to hire the people they want. Roberta Angelilli PPE. Frau Bauer sagte vorhin, es ist alles so wie immer. Noch etwas ist dieses Jahr anders gewesen als sonst. Sie meinte es genau umgekehrt, und umgekehrt muss man es auch sehen. Wir brauchen mehr Gerechtigkeit in dem Bereich. C'est une question de justice tout simplement. Et ce n'est pas une question de quotas. Je crois qu'il serait important de commencer par cela. Aber diese Leistungen sind ja mindestens gleichwertig. Ich bin Viviane Reding, unserer Kommissarin, sehr dankbar, dass sie dieses Thema zu ihrem Thema gemacht hat und dass sie es so behandelt, wie sie es behandelt.

    Wir wollen zumindest die Gleichstellung in Europa haben. Force est de constater que, dans le monde de l'entreprise, ce n'est pas le cas. Mutta ei ole edetty. Toivon voimia Redingille ja koko komissiolle. Hoy las mujeres pueden trabajar sin tener que pedir permiso a nadie pero, en muchos casos, siguen cobrando menos que los hombres por un trabajo similar, lo cual es inaceptable.

    Ya es hora de decir basta y de decirlo alto y claro. Hemos recorrido mucho camino pero hay mucho por hacer. The reason is that, even though there have been developments, and goals have been achieved, a lot still needs to be done when it comes to gender equality. I will not let anyone use the crisis as an excuse for not doing this. The gender pay gap remains at an unacceptable level, gender-based violence is still taking thousands of victims every year, sexual and reproductive rights are threatened, women have difficulties on the labour market — just to give you a few examples.

    I am asking for a clear commitment from the Commission and from the Member States to change these unacceptable conditions. Clear commitment in my understanding means binding measures and quotas. That is what I have been calling for, for a long while now. It is true that it will take some political will. This is why I say that we need more women in decision-making positions. I do not expect men to fully grasp our difficulties and I do not require them to do so.

    We will work with them in our common interest. All we need is the possibility to do so at regional, national and European level. I believe that we can conduct a very good campaign. It is good for us; it is good for Europe, because if you educate a man you simply educate the man; if you educate the woman, you educate society. That is what we badly need. I Europeiska centralbankens ledning finns inte en enda kvinna.

    Inte en enda kvinna! Shame upon us! Barbara Matera PPE.