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Heard I could spray 1 cup milk mixed with 2 cups water on my roses to get rid of black spots. Will this work?

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Nearly all my roses have black spot. They are still flowering since October. Will it hurt to prune now as they growing pretty messy? I live in Portland, Oregon. It rains all fall, winter and spring. Sometimes off and on in summer. Last year, black leaf spread to all of my miniature roses.

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I removed infected leaves and stems. I can re-pot the ones that cleared up last year, but what else can I do to keep them clear and what can I do for the other bush? It is February, rainy, and the bush is starting to grow again, but already has black leaf this year. Thank you for the information, I try to keep on top of my roses. I sometimes over water if I forget. Anyway this was a big help, I went right out and cut the bad leaves and sprayed. Again, thank you.

I have heard that it is Dawn and baking soda and water, like 2 squirts of dawn, 2T baking soda, and then fill with water. Spray bottom and top of leaf. Repeat every week and after rain.

I would like a recipe for black spot on roses that is not a chemical, I think it has soda and something else that would be found in the kitchen. Also will skim milk really do the job? Thank you so much. Dear Sir, Thank you for your valuable informetion on blackspot of roses. Please give some hints on sticker used with fungicide. I have had had some problems with black spot disease. I purchased 2 rose trees small miniature roses one red rose and the other white in pots in April. They were beautiful, full of flowers and buds. The next set of blossoms came in tiny and never opened much.

They are dry looking with black in the center… I have tried pruning them, am careful not to over water, etc. I think they have a fungus.. What do you suggest? I am new at planting anything i have some minature roses and i noticed the speckled leaves on the bushes ,i have been picking the infected leaves off the plant not knowing that i was doing the right thing alas i did not dispose of the infected leaves i just dropped them on the ground thanks to this article i know now what to do thank you so very much. Love your show! Would you please advise on how to get rid of the pesky Japanese Beetle.

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Simple Solutions. Best New Products. Ask Danny. DIY Projects. A yellow fish with black stripes and blue spots swimming in clear blue water in front of a coral reef, in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. ID Royalty-Free Extended licenses?

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Unlimited Seats U-EL. Web Usage W-EL. Print usage P-EL. Sell the rights SR-EL 1. Always treat pruning and cutting tools with a bleach solution after each use. Rake and remove all debris from around your plants before leaf bud each spring. As soon as you see plant leaf spots, treatment begins. For houseplants, isolate the pot immediately to prevent the fungus from spreading.

Remove any leaf that has been affected. Stop misting. For organic treatment, there are several safe and convenient treatments available. Most contain sulfur or copper octanate. For those gardeners who have no objection, many all-purpose fungicides are available. Please read the label carefully before applying.

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