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Then titled Sun, Moon, Talia , the story begins much the same as the animated Disney adaptation released in Upon birth, Princess Talia is cursed with the threat of a splinter, and, when grown, is pricked and falls into an eternal slumber. Heartbroken, her father lays her in a velvet chair and leaves the castle forever.

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Here's where things go awry Everyone knows Sleeping Beauty was awoken by true love's kiss, but Basile tells a different tale. A King from a nearby kingdom happened upon the abandoned castle and Talia's lifeless body.

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Taken by her beauty, the King raped and impregnated the slumbering princess. In her slumber, Talia gives birth to twins, Sun and Moon. Searching for breast milk, a baby sucks the splinter out of his mother's finger and she wakes up. The King returns to see Talia again and is delighted to discover the fruits of his conquest. It's only a matter of time before the Queen discovers her husband's infidelities and orders his babies to be cooked and fed to him.

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Unbeknownst to the Queen, the cook hides the children and serves goat, instead. When the Queen attempts to throw Talia into a burning fire, the King intercepts and burns his wife alive.

Talia marries the King and they live happily ever after as predator and wife. The Prince's mother took on the role of evil queen, and instead of feeding the twins to someone else, she threatened to eat them herself. When the Queen attempted to throw Sleeping Beauty into a pit of vipers the Prince herocially saved his bride while his mother jumped to her death. Andersen's little mermaid endured a far grislier life than the bright-eyed Ariel we know, and her desire to be human is far more dramatic than Disney lets on.

They say everything's better where it is wetter, but in our little mermaid certainly didn't think so. Andersen's mermaids were soulless creatures destined to dissolve into sea foam when they died, whereas humans were promised a beautiful afterlife. Terrified of her abysmal fate, the little mermaid wanted nothing more than a human soul, but as her grandmother explained to her, the only way a mermaid can grow a soul is to wed a man who loves her more than anything, and should the man not marry her, she will die.

An impossible task for a girl with a fish tail, no? When the little mermaid spots a handsome dark-haired prince on shore, her desire to be human only worsens, and as desperate times call for desperate measures, the mermaid visits the Sea Witch to strike a deal, but first she must travel through thousands of polypi, who cling to anything including skeletons and a mermaid they had caught and strangled.

Without even asking her wish, the Sea Witch offers the little mermaid a draught that will give her legs at a high cost: I will prepare a draught for you, with which you must swim to land tomorrow before sunrise, and sit down on the shore and drink it. Your tail will then disappear, and shrink up into what mankind calls legs, and you will feel great pain, as if a sword were passing through you If you will bear all this, I will help you.

As if the pain of a sword passing through her wasn't enough, the witch cuts off the little mermaid's tongue for payment.

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What follows is nothing but heart break. The prince loves the little mermaid, but not more than anything, and he marries another woman.

The only way the little mermaid can save herself from her imminent death is to stab the prince to death, but she refuses, ending her life on earth and ocean. Walt Disney's animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarves closely resembles early versions by Giambattista Basile and the Grimm Brothers, but just a few small tweaks turn this tale from charming to gruesome. In some early versions, the Evil Queen is in fact Snow White's biological mother which makes her behavior all the more sinister.

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Disney didn't censor the Evil Queen's attempted murders, but this text from the Brothers Grimm story is horrifying: Finally she summoned a huntsman and said to him, 'Take Snow White out into the woods to a remote spot, and stab her to death. As proof that she is dead bring her lungs and her liver back to me.

I shall cook them with salt and eat them. Now imagine that Snow White is the Queen's own flesh and blood: Just then a young boar came running by. He killed it, cut out its lungs and liver, and took them back to the queen as proof of Snow White's death. The traditional Christmas Market stretches along the defensive walls of the Old Town. This is a great way to beat the winter blues. Put your skates on and — more or less smoothly — start dancing on the ice. The first ice rinks in Warsaw open in November. You can rent skates at almost every rink.

If you love sport, this is the place for you.

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From November to March, there are lots of things to do: several ice rinks, a curling track, bumper cars and an iceberg to ride down in a dinghy. Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter. Christmas illuminations. Royal Garden of Light. Christmas fairs. Ice rinks. Pin It on Pinterest.

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