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Therefore, mirror box therapy does not work in every case.

However, it might be hard to tell whether someone could benefit from the treatment or not until they have gone through a trial period. It has also been speculated that the success of the treatment depends, in part, on the exact location of the lesion and duration of paralysis following a stroke.

Mirror box

If these variables are better understood, it might be possible to administer mirror box therapy to those patients who are likely to benefit most. We did not find any reports suggesting that mirror box therapy could cause damage or harm to the user. This treatment costs little or nothing and can be carried out at home with minimum help from a therapist. The simplicity and lack of danger in the procedure have led doctors to suggest that it should be implemented routinely alongside other therapies.

This short article describes a case where mirror box therapy was show to improve recovery after a stroke. Greenspan, and Stephen L.

Mirror Box Therapy / Mirror Visual Feedback

College Lectures by VS Ramachandran. Ramachandran and Eric L. Systematic reviews of the research literature have arrived at conflicting conclusions about the effectiveness of MT. A review found that MVF can exert a strong influence on the motor network, mainly through increased cognitive penetration in action control. The effectiveness of mirror therapy continues to be evaluated.

Since the s, mirror therapy has also been available through virtual reality or robotics.

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However, these expensive technologies have not proven to be more effective than conventional mirror boxes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics. Lorimer; Flor, Herta Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. International Journal of Rehabilitation Research.

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Once inside, the witness should be handed the light source and the clocks one should be kept with the assistant. The outside assistant should ask sincerely whether the witness is alright. Once confirmation is given, the top should be moved to seal the box.

Mirror Box and Phantom Limb Pain #1

The witness may turn on the light source once the box is sealed. At any point should the witness ask to leave the box if soundproof, tapping should be used , ONLY the top should be opened. The witness may do it themselves, since the top of the box should be easily reachable.

The Mirror Box Ritual…

Some witnesses may plead to stay inside the box, even suggesting great danger should it be opened. The assistant should never trust those pleas. Suffocation is only one of many concerns should the witness stay too long in the box. Once the top has been slid open, place the second ladder in the box to allow the witness to leave. If the witness has any serious wounds, or discoloration, call for medical help. Should you happen to meet a witness, never trust what they say about their experience, and never ask them for the time or where the antumbra meets.